allgemein, aufstriche_und_brotzeit, vegan, vegetarisch


Very special and extremely delicious
Ingredients for 4 persons

12 medium-sized onions
Olive oil for frying
2 tbsp. TOMAMI # 2 (buy here (https://tomami.eu/produkte/1/tomami-2-
4 Slices of bread
Orange peel
Szechuan pepper


Peel and halve onions and cut into fine strips.
Heat the olive oil in a pan and slowly fry the onions on a low heat until they caramelize (approx. 45 minutes). Stir occasionally (do not allow to burn). Add a small amount of water if necessary. Season with salt and Tomami to taste. Spread the onion jam on the slices of bread. Decorate with the finely cut orange zest and sprinkle with the crushed Szechuan pepper.

A recipe by Jörg Lehmann.

Jörg Lehmann is a highly valued partner of TOMAMI. The well-known food photographer from Berlin has already published ca. 70 books on food preparation (in Germany as well as in France, Spain, Russia, Austria etc.) and he regularly develops tasty recipes for TOMAMI.