allgemein, suppe


A quick and delicious soup
Ingredients for 4 persons

700 ml water
50 ml VEGAMI (buy here )
3 cardamom pods
1 handful of wild garlic
Ground black pepper
Sea salt


1. Boil the water and VEGAMI with the cardamom pods.
2. Wash the wild garlic, spin dry and chop roughly. Add the chopped wild garlic
to the broth, close the lid and leave the broth to infuse for 15 minutes on the turned off hot plate.
3. Pour the broth through a sieve and season with pepper and salt. For example, chopped buckwheat pancakes, spinach leaves or vermicelli can be added to the soup to add body.

A recipe by Angela Schult.
Author of the new book “Wildgreen – Slow & Spicy”, Angela Schult is a successful food blogger and the creator of exotic catering concepts. The enthusiastic and adventurous cook likes to be inspired by the mixture of native wild herbs and the taste of the Orient, which she was able to experience during her stay in the Arab world during several years. As an avid fan of TOMAMI, she is happy to share some of her recipes with us, which take us in new and exciting culinary directions. Many thanks.