Pumpkin Soup
allgemein, suppe, vegan, vegetarisch

Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients for 4 persons

• 500 g Hokkaido pumpkin
• 1 red onion
• 1 clove garlic
• rapeseed oil
• 200 g tomato puree
• 1 teaspoon curry
• 1 tsp chilli
• 500 ml vegetable stock
• salt and pepper
• Tomami® Umami
• flaked almonds
• fresh thyme


Roast the flaked almonds for approx. 8 minutes at 160 degrees in a convection oven. Cut up the pumpkin and slice off the ends. Scrape out the seeds with a tablespoon, cut the pumpkin into slices, then into large cubes. Coarsely chop the onion and garlic, sauté with the diced pumpkin in a pan in a little rapeseed oil. Pour in vegetable stock and tomato puree. Add curry and chili powder. Cook until tender in approx. 25 minutes, then puree. Season with salt, pepper and Tomami® Umami. Serve with toasted flaked almonds and fresh thyme; drizzle with Tomami® Umami.