Duck breast with Far Eastern plum sauce
allgemein, fleischgerichte

Duck breast with Far Eastern plum sauce

Ingredients for 4 persons

• 1 duck breast
• 1 jar of plums
• small piece of ginger
• 1 clove of garlic
• 1-2 yellow / red chili peppers
• 1 spring onion
• 1 tbsp. honey
• 2 tbsp. Tomami Umami
• salt, pepper


Wash the duck breast and pat dry. Cut the skin crosswise without damaging the meat. Season with salt and pepper. Fry in a cold pan without fat on the skin side at medium heat. After about 8 minutes, when the skin side has become nicely crispy through its own fat, fry the breast on the meat side for a further 2 minutes. Afterwards continue to cook for 10 minutes at 175 degrees in a fan oven. Mix the honey with 1 tbsp. of Tomami Umami and glaze the duck breast after half the time. Using the released fat and in same frying pan, fry the chopped garlic and ginger as well as the rings of chilli and spring onion, then deglaze with the plum juice. Heat the plums in the sauce and season with 1 tablespoon of Tomami Umami and salt. Serve the duck breast slices together with the plum sauce.