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with Tomami # 2, apple and savoy cabbage
Ingredients for 4 persons

200 g Risotto Rice (Acquerello)
1.5 l tomami broth (# 2) (buy here) (
1 shallot
150 ml white wine
100 g butter
50 g Parmesan
120 g blood sausage
25 g Tomami # 2

1 savoy cabbage
1 l frying fat

1 red apple
½ lemon

Tomami Broth:
1.5 l water
60 g Tomami # 2 (buy here) (


Separate the savoy cabbage into individual leaves and cut off the stalk. Wash the leaves and dry well with a cloth or kitchen paper. Cut the leaves into fine strips or sails. Deep fry and brown in 130 ° C hot fat and drain on kitchen paper. Add salt directly; dry in the oven at 80 ° C and keep warm.

Wash the apple, cut into fine cubes and marinate lightly with a little lemon juice.
For the Tomami broth, bring the water with Tomami # 2 to the boil.

For the risotto, cut the shallot in fine cubes, glaze in a little butter and allow to sweat. Add the risotto rice and saute it until it is glassy. Season with salt and white pepper, then deglaze with white wine and reduce. As soon as there is almost no liquid left, add the tomami broth until the rice is covered. Cook the rice gradually while constantly stirring, gradually adding the broth. Bring to the desired consistency. Shortly before the end of the cooking time press the blood sausage (without the casing) slightly and stir into the risotto. Finally bind the parmesan with the remaining butter and season again. Serve immediately and garnish with the rest of the ingredients as desired.

Preparation time: 45 minutes

A recipe by Jean-Philipp Schneider, chef and product development manager at the Old Spice Office in Klingenberg.