Juan Amador: Chistorra-Bohnen-Salat
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Juan Amador: Chistorra-Bohnen-Salat

Ingredients for 4 persons

• 200 g white beans (cooked)
• 100 g Chistorra **
• 1 shallot
• 4 red cherry tomatoes
• 4 yellow cherry tomatoes
• 2 tbsp Tomami® Tomato
• 1 pinch Raz el Hanout
• 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
• 10 basil leaves
• Olive oil
• Maldon salt
• white Pepper (freshly ground)


Swabian meticulousness, combined with Spanish temperament and Viennese composure: Juan Amador, honoured with 3 Michelin stars, chef of the restaurant “Amador”, is nowadays considered to be one of the world’s best and most creative chefs. Always uncompromising, undeterred and with the perpetual goal in mind to use the best ingredients to create unique compostions. For example, his dessert “Brick in the Wall” or the main course “Mieral pigeon with purple curry” are perennial classics, many times copied, but never duplicated.
His recipe with Tomami®: Sauté the Chistorra over medium heat in a little olive oil. Cut the shallot into small cubes and add to the chistorra, together with Raz el Hanout and the beans. Season with white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and TOMAMI®. Cut the basil into fine strips, halve the cherry tomatoes and sauté all the ingredients in the pan. Place on a plate and garnish with basil.